About Us

What Is a Credit Union?
A credit union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative that is owned and formed by its members primarily for the sole purpose of providing sound financial services. Since there are no outside stockholders to satisfy, the credit union can return a greater percentage of its earnings to its members, which means lower interest rates on loans than most other financial institutions (including banks), along with a good rate of return on savings/investment accounts. For generations credit union members have joined together to build long-term financial stability and provide high quality, low cost financial services. Distinctly set apart from all other financial institutions, credit unions share in this unique service-oriented philosophy of "not-for-profit, not for charity, but for the economic well being of its members."

History of Safeway Los Angeles Federal Credit Union
Founded in 1950, Safeway Los Angeles Federal Credit Union began its charter as the credit union for Safeway Stores Inc. So. Calif. Division, and then later expanded its field of membership by welcoming many other new companies. By the end of 1977 membership stood at 9,718 and assets had grown to over $20 million. As members began discovering the wealth of benefits of having a credit union, they in turn referred coworkers and family members. Since then our numbers have continued to grow. Today the credit union serves more than 200 different companies, with assets now well over $50 million.

The Benefits of Membership
Membership at Safeway LAFCU means you get lower interest rates on loans and higher dividends on savings, along with a wide range of products and services designed to meet today's financial needs. Some of these services include free checking, Home Teller, payroll deduction, VISA (with low fixed rate), ATM cards and more. The credit union also offers home loans at low fixed rates with minimal closing costs and no points. For over 50 years Safeway LAFCU has been helping members and their families realize their dreams and achieve their goals for a better future. Join today and share in the benefits of membership.