Insurance Services

Credit Insurance (loan protection)
You can protect your loans at Safeway LAFCU with credit life and/or credit disability insurance. With loan protection, you have the peace of mind that in the event of an injury, sickness or even death, your loan payments are covered by one of the nations leading insurance companies.

The following table shows the different types of credit insurance available at Safeway LAFCU and their cost.

Type of coverage Monthly Rate Per $100.00 Waiting period Age Limit
Single Life Insurance $.051 NA 69
Joint Life Insurance $.071 NA 69
Credit disability Insurance $.288 14 DAYS 65

The cost of credit insurance is determined by the amount of your loan, not by your age, therefore your monthly premiums (which are conveniently added to your loan payments) will only reflect the cost to cover your loan balance.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI)
MBI is an affordable extended warranty plan offered by the Credit Union for both new and used cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. Mechanical Breakdown Insurance is an investment in your financial security, because by investing up-front in MBI you avoid the high costs of major auto repairs that would have otherwise come out of your own pocket. Our MBI plan features the following:
Superior Coverage
We offer top-of-the-line coverage backed by a top-rated insurance carrier that will save you hundreds of dollars over comparable manufacturer's vehicle service contracts.
Simple Claims
Your vehicle may be serviced at any licensed repair facility in the United Sates or Canada with prior approval.
Direct payment to repair facility
Our MBI plan will supply a national credit card to the repair facility for payment of all authorized repair costs less your deductible.
Increased resale value
If you later decide to sell the car, coverage may be transferred to the new private owner, or may be cancelled for a prorated refund of the unused portion.

For more information regarding MBI, please contact the credit union or just click here for an instant quote.

Life Insurance

If you'd like your family to be better protected, we'd like to help.

Together with our partner LifeHelp, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to shop for the life insurance you need to protect your loved ones.

You might be surprised how easily and affordably you can arrange for coverage to:

  • Pay for final expenses, such as funeral and medical bills
  • Allow your family to continue living in their home or apartment
  • Ensure your children can still receive the education you want for them
  • Pay off outstanding credit cards, and personal or business loans

Leave your family better able to face all of life's many expenses

To learn more, CLICK HERE.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
As a member of Safeway Los Angeles Federal Credit Union age 18 or over, you are eligible for $1,000.00 of Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance. Premiums for this Basic Coverage will be paid by the credit union. There is no cost to you.

In order to put your coverage in force, you must first complete an enrollment form and mail it to our plan administrator. To receive an enrollment form and address to our plan administrator, please contact the credit union at (562) 864-2524 or e-mail us at